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Wellness Education for 
Teams, Companies, &Organizations

Taking Meeting Notes

The Path To BE

The BE Life brings to you a series of gateways to reach optimal well-being. Having conducted educational and professional training and workshops all across the globe, especially in the US, I have heard many stories of people struggling with connection to self, and maintaining self-care practices that empower and sustain.

Speaker Sessions , Keynotes & Workshops That Educate & Empower

The first step of healing is acknowledgment. Hear what I have to say, dig deep within, and draw relations to understand exactly what you're feeling.

The path to wholeness involves understanding the gaps, and that’s where I come in to help you. My speaker sessions are diverse, addressing topics like self-love, burnout, and mindfulness practices. They aren’t too long, ranging from 15 to 90 minutes,  and they’re created for the everyday person needing practical support.

I provide support in the form of

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Conference Keynotes

  • Leadership Workshops & Trainings

  • Staff Workshops

  • Consultation for Wellness & Resiliency Programming


General Topics Covered

  • Self-Love

  • Developing & Connecting To Sense Of Self

  • Self Care/Psychological Hygenie

  • Everyday Grief

  • Anxiety, Depression, & Modern Society Pressures

  • Cultivating Joy, Positivity, & Purpose

  • Embracing Vulnerability & Releasing Shame

  • Mindfulness

  • Burnout

  • Ecowellness, Ecotherapy, & Nature Based Healing

Want to motivate and inspire your people? I conduct sessions for businesses, NGOs, schools, and individuals.

Train To Heal Holistically!

Sometimes hearing isn’t enough. You need to go one step beyond, get in the act, and know for yourself. That’s where my training comes in.

I have trained people of all backgrounds. From high schools to universities to corporate professionals and community members. Therefore, I mold my training programs to suit the audience profile and deliver content that relates, attracts, and begs you to ponder.

Some of my past trainings include:

  • Creating Culturally Relevant Healing Spaces

  • Utilizing Mindfulness To Improve Productivity

  • Managing Grief

  • Trauma-Informed Leadership

  • Acknowledging & Managing Vicarious Trauma

  • Cultural Humility & Cultural Competency In Human Service Field

  • Tools For Self-Care

  • Historic & Inter-Generational Trauma

  • The Continuum Of Abuse

Want to conduct a training for your organization or become part of one?


Personalized Consultation To Transform

Are you exploring wellness options for a group? Do you want to train your workforce, transform your friends, or inculcate mindfulness in the community members?

I offer personalized consultation services on-demand.

From deeply understanding your needs to empowering you to heal and transform, I do it all.

Media and Organizations Previously Worked with

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