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Tune Out The World. Tune Into The Real.

This is your safe space. It’s a place where we talk about anything and everything. A friend for you, a secret refuge where it’s you against your troubles – and you come out as the winner.

That’s just how BE Life is.


From simple, relatable topics like dating life challenges, we talk about the big things too. Like facing the difficulty of saying No. Or not knowing how to express your emotions. Or lacking motivation for anything.


In our podcast, we’re candid, fun, a little funny at times – but always real. Always.

Transform The Way You Think

In The Shift Is Real, we don’t talk about alien ideas. Or holier than thou actions. We sit and talk about life from the perspective of a human, one who is far from perfect, someone like me and you.

We discuss daily actions, and from there, we derive real challenges and potential solutions. We talk about the little things too, things like playing games. Things we barely pay attention to as adults but that matter greatly for overall wellness.

We discuss everything under the sun. Enough to make you imagine, stop, and think about the most ordinary and usual
actions in life and question – What does this really say about me?


Wellness Begins With Words

Have you ever wondered why dialogues tend to stay with us longer than actions? Why do words keep playing again and again in our head, whether we’ve just woken up or are heading to sleep after a long day?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to words. Be it our thought process, our reactions, our emotions, and eventually, our healing.


Let’s get the conversation started. Listen to The Shift Is Real and jumpstart your journey to self.


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