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The Founder


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California (#101790) and Texas (#108376), wellness consultant, speaker, and self-love ambassador. I support and create opportunities to approach healing and transformation in a holistic way via therapy, media, products, training & speaking. I obtained a BA in Sociology and BA in Psychology from the University of California Davis and my Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in New York City. My areas of expertise are creating culturally relevant healing spaces, trauma-informed care & leadership, tools for self-care, historic & inter-generational trauma, grief & loss. I've facilitated healing, educational, and professional workshops, seminars, training, and events for universities, high schools, social service agencies, and community members in the US and abroad around the topics of empowerment, wellness, trauma, and mental health.

Outside of purpose driven work, Tiffany is an outdoor enthusiast who has a love for visiting National Parks, hiking, and being outside. She’s an avid traveler who loves journaling, painting, food with community, and doing any intentional joy cultivating or spirit restoring activities.

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