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Who We Are

The BE Life is a hub to foster wellness, healing, and transformation for those most impacted by chronic stress caused by work burn out, role fatigue, and social pressures of performance and perfectionism. It is dedicated to enhancing lives through empowerment and wellness-centered media, education, and healing experiences.  We prioritize the wellness of women of color, yet our resources are accessible to all.

BE is an acronym for Beatific Ectasy, a state of elevated fulfillment, bliss and wholeness.

The BE Life supports women who feel stuck, overworked, under-valued, disconnected from themselves, and isolated from authentic, safe, and nurturing relationships.

We are a Hub for Transformation

With an emphasis on Holistic Transformation for historically marginalized, oppressed, and disempowered people, The BE Life stands apart. It combines several forms of learning to deliver content that nourishes the heart and inspires the soul to eliminate self-doubt, rise above and heal, and embrace freedom through a social justice and trauma-informed lens!

The BE Life empowers through:




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