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Welcome to The BE Life

A Hub for Empowerment & Wellness.

We are dedicated to your restoration and wholeness. 

What Is The BE Life?

The BE Life is a hub to foster wellness, healing, and transformation for those most impacted by chronic stress caused by work burnout, role fatigue, and social pressures of performance and perfectionism. It is dedicated to enhancing lives through empowerment and wellness-centered media, education, and healing experiences.  We prioritize the wellness of women of color, yet our resources are accessible to all.

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A Safe Space By A Woman For Women

Away from the taunts, responses, and judgments of the world, the BE Life was created as a safe haven by me – Tiffany Wright, LCSW. I've learned that creating intentionally cultivating joy and being committed to restorative practices, is a revolutionary act of resistance for many.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, speaker, and wellness consultant based in California.  I understand wellness isn’t a privilege that many of us feel inherently entitled to. Many women of color have not been granted the space and opportunity to prioritize wellness and themselves.

I have spent years of researching and practicing, mindfulness, self- connection, and pursuing the journey to wellness and self-love.


In my journey, it became clear, as an agent of change, I must offer healing and transformation in a holistic way.

Individuals can't heal in isolation, or with one training or a book about one topic. Some people must be in community or receive continuous tools to create deep practices to embark on a path.


The BE Life helps people find that path.

The Wellness Philosophy

We see rest and restorative practices as a foundation for healing the harmful impacts of the modern lifestyle.

Ascribing to a completely integrative approach, BE supports and creates opportunities to approach healing and transformation holistically. We believe that intuitively we are whole beings, yet the impact of personal experiences, social and political dynamics, and biological/physiological processes create internal dispositions of fragmentation.

So, our primary focus remains to expose individuals to tools of self-reflection and natural healing modalities.


The Hub Of Transformation

We’re different.

With an emphasis on Holistic Transformation for historically marginalized, oppressed, and disempowered people, The BE Life stands apart. It combines several forms of learning to deliver content that nourishes the heart and inspires the soul to eliminate self-doubt, rise above and heal, and embrace freedom through a social justice and trauma-informed lens!

The BE Life empowers through:

  • Books

  • Journals

  • Podcasts

  • Retreats

Offering Wellness To Women Of Color

The concept of wellness in Western spaces, have been associated with non-persons of color. As most non-Euro migrants, indigenous, and forced laborers have been impacted by systematic and institutional oppression, access to resources that allow them to live a healthy, safe and fulfilled life have been limited or non-existent. 


BE is dedicated to bridging that gap, and offering wellness media, education and healing experiences to women of color, and the institutions that serve or employ them, that have been impacted by these injustices and be provided with pathways to connect them back to their whole selves.

Additionally, we support individuals and organizations which seek out their path to wholeness and in order to return those resources back to the community and create a positive, sustainable cycle of wellness.


To make this happen, the BE Life partners with non-profits and local organizations servicing historically disenfranchised populations providing discounts of resources and services. We seek to make healing tools and ancient healing modalities accessible to members of society who may be susceptible to a compromised quality of life – improving wellness reach.

Because wellness truly is for all.

My Mission

To encourage holistic healing within women across regions, cultures, skin tones, languages, and backgrounds to create an empowered tribe of women who are several facets of one mighty, impactful, self-confident whole.

Everything we do is shaped by our core values of...




Radical Transparency



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